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Reviews for "Naruto Mix"


The only part that was funny was when Gaara was doing that DDR thing and someone said he sucked. Everyone else was just singing, and it wasn't really great. I'm sorry...


ok it wasn't to bad just work on the graphics and sound a little bit the music was good though

Dude......seriously......horri ble..

that was bad...im sorry.....that sucked. what were you thinking? do you smoke? if you do, you need to go cold-turkey and quit...now.


you couldn't think of your own subject. the sound was muffled, and it sucked, okay?

Sorry, but no...

This really was lacking in every respect. The music was bad in some places, the character models were noticably different from the ones that were traced and the ones you drew. And you barely did anything aside from adding mouth movements to still pictures. Please, put a bit more effort into something before you submit it. Please.