Reviews for "Megaman Zero:"


I loved all of the mega man zero games for the gba and this is almost as good as the real thing. my only problem is i miss the other weps like the gun


I ve never really played a megaman game because im more of a nintendo fan but this kicks ass! The only thing was it didnt have guns. This is amazing. Im gonna buy a megaman game now


Very good game, well done and I feel it does properly portray the actual Zero games. Granted, it is a bit difficult, that aside, perfect!

I'd like to take a moment to bitch at the people giving this game bad reviews. It's a flash, even if the megaman series is extensive, I'd like to see you make anything better. To those who mentioned the spikes, they do kill you in one hit -- when you don't play it in easy mode. Play it on normal, or hard! Playing a game on easy eliminates the purpose of playing it, in my opinion.

I wasn't able to beat it on hard, though I am rather proud I made it past the first boss and the next two levels. I managed on normal, while only using one continue.

Great game.

Pure Review

humm as I played the game. it was no difference in my playstation as I paly megaman X3 X4 X5 and X6 and so fort. It kinda cool to have one mission and the ending sound is so totaly cool seriously. the easy normal and hard would not change the enemies performance but the status of Zero. Really Impressed by the graphics also. Imagine for only a small game such good graphics. another Awsomeness.
Just for the record guys I finished it in easy normal and hard. kinda still same when you dont get hit.
just wish their's another mission like a time mission where you have to dash and slash and defeat the boss in time.
It would be Awsome


make more