Reviews for "Megaman Zero:"

I hope for MMZ5 too.

Anyway, it's pretty cool. I kinda wish it had the option of user defined controls like your PPGD game. But still fun anyway.

Excellent Fan made game, but with a few drawbacks.

A great tribute, with levels, playability, and bosses that played just like they were out of the GBA. But, you had a few thing against you...

One, where is the blaster pistol? That would have made the game a little better.

Two, the enemy's shots do more damage than they did in the MMZ games.

Three, You might want to add an upgrade/cyber elf system that includes double jumps, more health, slash shots away, etc...

All in all, a very excellent game, but you could add those above in a sequal, considering you make one.

Perfect remake

I wouldnt listen to the people who are rating this low just because they think its hard. Because yes the MMZ games were hard but the gamers who play the series love these challenges. I rate this game 10 in reviews and voted 5 on score. Do make a longer mission next time man and fans will cherish you forever!

One of the best games!

The only problem with this game is that there are so much glitches. but i still emjoyed playing the game just because im a huge megaman fan

fucking shweet

this is one of the best online megaman games ive every played! near perfection!