Reviews for "Megaman Zero:"

Nice game

nice but they some glicth that have to be fixed. nice megaman game that every body like to make! it kinda fun if u get a hang of it i saying that not because i never played before! but it fun!

One of the best games!

The only problem with this game is that there are so much glitches. but i still emjoyed playing the game just because im a huge megaman fan

Okay, it was good...

But you seriously need to fix that goddamn glitch where he just randomly falls through the floor and everything else to his death. I mean I was excited to play this game, I fucking love Megaman. But that glitch, practically ruined it all. SO FIX IT!

not bad

quite fun but.....the lv with all the flying ships, its very hard as u keep falling

Awesome game!

Hey, you should really make some sequels, this was o lot like the real games, pleeeease, make more! ^.^

Ps: The BGMusic wasn't too good at the boss' stage..., it was too repetitive, try to use some other music for the next ones n_n.