Reviews for "Megaman Zero:"


The controls are fine dude. If you read what the controls were in the first place, you would know what to do. Anyways, this game is cool and fun to play. The difficulty Normal, Unholyblade is just fine. I had a problem with normal on climbing the walls on the 3rd level. They wouldn't have made it if it wasn't impossible. :D

you made a mistake

over by the controls menu it said press z to attack. but when i pressed z it made me jump. and x made me attack. fix it. overall, good job

Some problems with level design.

The game isn't bad, but it's lacking a bit. For a start, I often see people saying "I know this may be difficult, but the original games were too" when referring to MM games. The thing is that the game really isn't all that difficult. Just about every enemy seems to die in one or two hits. The areas where I started dying were usually the ones where I had to jump onto something that was off screen, and was essentially forced to guess where I should be aiming for. Another thing that bothered me is that oftentimes in these cases there would be an enemy sitting right on the ledge I needed to land on who would either shoot me or hit me and knock me right off said ledge and into a pit or spikes. Later the enemies seemed to vanish, and were replaced by ledges with spikes to greet you if you hit the wrong spot. I'm all for games requiring skills and good reflexes to complete, but they shouldn't require precognition.
Another thing that annoyed me is that it seemed that half of the enemies in the game were able to shoot me with a ranged weapon that I couldn't jump over. While the saber is effective, there are times when the phrase "bringing a knife to a gunfight" came to mind. You may want to consider expanding the arsenal a bit if you do end up making a lenghtier work.




its cool make a gama wiht megaman or x