Reviews for "Megaman Zero:"

Sweet Frijoles

I agree with logan444 this game is rad! I remember playing through all the Megaman Zero games on my Gameboy Advance and this one is awesome in that if I'm online I don't have to turn on my Gameboy. Sweeet, great controls!

Checkpoints could help, but this game isn't hard enough to complain too much.

good but....

make like checkpoints especially for the flying car thing level


but the boss is way to hard!


Good for lot's of reason's. 1. Love the 8-Bit graphics style. 2.Zero is awesome good to see him in a game. 3.Easy. 4. Very Enjoyable. 5.Control's easy to get used to. 6. No glitches. But there are lot's more just don't want to name them all. Keep up the good work ur fan, Logan444. 10/10 5/5.


As a flash? A ten. As a Zero game? I'd give it a 7. Tips for next time: allow the controls to be mappable - my hands work very differently, it seems, than do yours. And work on kicking off rom a wall with dash - seems to work differently in the original game, and yours got me impaled on the spike more than a few times.

All together those are minor - that was pretty good.