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Reviews for "Rapid Fire"

Very well.

Did you know that ebaumsworld stole this with a heap of other submissions?

^_^ They have good taste though!

pretty good

i didnt like the misses, not in general, but they should regenerate every level.

Not bad at all

^^Good Points^^
First off, I'd like to say that this game is presented very well. The graphics were pretty well done and the variety throughout the game was pretty cool. The music was good as well. I had fun playing this game and it was pretty challenging.

^^Needs Improving^^
I was a little mad when I lost because of not hitting targets that were physically impossible to hit (off of the screen). This is a major problem that should be fixed. The robot voice didn't really go well with the light hearted mood of this game either.

Good effort, but a few problems to go along with it.


I grew tired of it... I'm so sick of these "Miniclip" looking games

Gave it 5

I liked it nice smooth gameplay, cool graphics,nice grapics you know wha I gave it a five.The only thin I found a small problem with was when I mouse over on of the menuoptions It autamaically goes to another site.Im only a level 2 so my vote snt worth that much but I hope it helps. ^_^