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Reviews for "Plops Tournament ONLINE"

's ok

It was entertaining for a while but i could not really figure out why the plops moved where they did or what the different colors were four or why they shriveled up.

not bad... if you made another game i'd try it out

ReduxGames responds:

I did, Try out plops tournament DX, it has a much better video tutorial, no reading :) , and I refined the gameplay quite a bit

Very nice game

Good good ..

I like these kind of games, so keep em comin' !

ReduxGames responds:

Will do!

i couldnt even play dis game

its probly a good game but it was just tooo complacated for me

ReduxGames responds:

It realy isnt, i think i made the tutorial much more complex than it had to be, so the new one is implimented, just waiting for newgroudns to approve

well lick my balls and call me a granny...

well lick my balls and call me a granny...this game sucked old men balls.


it really is just me i know but i had no idea what i was sposed to do :s