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Reviews for "Plops Tournament ONLINE"

Great game...

This is a unique game. Nice sound FX and the music fits in very well. The concept behind defeating enemies and harvesting by having the plops in close proximity is clever, though it gets a bit frustrating when trying to aim where the plops will go. It also would have helped to know that the greens repel and the blues attract. Aside from that, this is a great game.


yay a blue 1.....ok go that way ...looking good...now that way...what he died danm it ...u evil dog trying to eat my plops like chiken...RACEST! ...ok lets try this...o.0 WTF 1 his and they all die ...w8 spidermans int his game o.o....-.- danm it there ploping everywere pushing and shoveing like NY...ok lets trythis 1 more time....DANM YOU BATMAN!

Don't let the first impression get you...

This is actually a really good game - once you get used to it. At first I was like, "Whaaa?" because the first level has so little turns. I tried harvest mode and got it like that.

My only problem is that it's dang hard to kill the enemies, so I just avoid them altogether.

I believe this can turn into a really super game, with very little effort. Keep up the good work!

Great Game But Hard As Hell

I personally thought this game was great. I didn't know they could die at first, until a bird thing came and beat one of my plops ass. I dont think there are any problems with it, except that easy isnt really easy, and the tutorial didnt help me to much; especially when I saw something that looked like a timer ticking away.


I didn't really understand how to play it but the graphics were GREAT! I think I'll understand the more I play...