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Reviews for "Plops Tournament ONLINE"

this is really cool

this is a fun game. all you need to do is put in instructions on how to move about.

ReduxGames responds:

THANKS!, there is a short tutorial that leads you through one level, just click on the tutorial button in the upper right corner

Great game

That was breathtaking you sir are an amazing flash artist. The game play was orriginal and fun. the graphics and sound were soo good i thought i was playing a game i had payed for GREAT work.

Whoa icabog

Your umm English is ummm worse than my dogs.... Your English gets a -10 rating. Good game btw


This is fun, interesting and different I did pretty good at it but i still dont know what the hell i was doing but that doesnt mean its crap, try it out

nice little game

i quite enjoyed this, as it is bout 4am in the morning and i am mindless tired i actually had a lot of fun apart from the difficulty it sorta got repetative but loved the artwork well done all the same and keep up the good work.

ReduxGames responds:

HAHA, thanks man, check out PLOPS TOURNAMENT DX, on Newgrounds, Its almost the same, but I thought it warrented it own post since all of the bugs reported were fixed, and new backend and flash impliomented, much better performance, better quality and more stable