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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"

Didn't expect any less

While I was very surprised that Part 3 came out so soon after Part 2, I was not surprised by it's quality. Blockhead has become one of my favorite flash series on the internet, and the Time Squad series was no exception. The storyline was good, the writing was good (although sometimes the lines were a little corny, lol) but in my eyes this series was perfect. When the story starts to get serious there is always Blockhead there to give the comic relief, it's the best of both the action and comedy worlds. So congrats on another job well done. I'll be looking forward to the next Blockhead cartoon.

The-Swain responds:

Thanks! Remember, Part 3 and Part 2 were done as a single episode. After I split them in half, it became two essentially finished parts.

wow, and again wow

the whole series is awesome, and blockhead is still as dim as always. i cant believe u drew all that, that must've had to take 4ever! although its not as long as the others, its still gud. btw y did u decide to use that picture of blockheads conscience ( see episode 4, i think) as an FBI style character (plz answer). anyway, great job man, and i wholeheartedly look forward to the next blockhead flash.

The-Swain responds:

It struck me in writing the script back in December that it just wouldn't be Blockhead if the Conscience didn't play a part in some form or another. He didn't quite pull his weight the way I would have hoped, but giving every character an opportunity to save the day in only 30 minutes (and for him it was only the last 17 minutes) is no simple task.

Huge, Powerful, Epic!

This is one of the best plotted movies I've seen. Not just the flash movies (It doesn't even compare), but commercial hollywood made movies. This series is amazing. Keep up the awesome job.

This is a review for all your work to date

Hey man. This is reviewing all the work you've submitted so far.
One word.
Well, two.
Fucking brilliant.
You are, byfar, the best and funniest flash artist I've ever seen.
Please release more videos!
I want more blockhead!
Keep it up mann! You kick ass

You deserve all my 15 (5 rating, 10 review).

That. Was. Amazing. Thank you so much for making this movie, I enjoyed every last bit of it.

One-wheeled speedboat wheeee!