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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"

Blockhead humour is so refreshing

I love everything with Blockhead, and this series has been fantastic. Blockhead is on top of my mental NG list

Amazing, Spectacular Movie

The ending was good and funny in Blockheads case. They were all going to miss eachother a lot, exept Blockhead, he didn't really care what happened. Did you call him Blockhear for a reason? Anyways great job with the whole movie.

this reveiw goes to all your work

i have now seen all your work up to date and i have found it absoulutly insane it was amazing, hilarius and just down right great, i have never seen anyone with such imagination.

you are the greatest animater that i have ever seen and i wish you well with your future work and on that note i would also like to add that you are and allways be #1

best wishes



Good movie such a shame blockhead will never remember. Bleh, how the hell did he live from 1776 to now? Got an idea to explain that one?

Nice work man.

Having blockhead's character juxtaposed by such a serious plot and set of supporting characters was possibly the best idea ever. Everything in this movie, all three parts, was genius. All those little movie moments that every corny action movie has, the time explanations, the sexy curator, everything was perfect.

Stylistically the only thing I didnt like was that the curator didnt kiss blockhead. What was that, where was my hollywood ending?? Still, wicked movie. Too good... I wonder how blockhead was in the mad scientists time...