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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"


I love blockhead and time squad to. Its nice to see something original and so...........RaNdOm.


This is the best flash I have seen in my life! Blockhead is so... soooooo... random?
The Time Squad and Blockhead series are the best flash series I have seen. EVER. Mabye you can make a TV show/ Full Length Movie out of this perfection? The voices flowed somehow with the music. But anyway, make more like this.


well that was prolly the best flash series i've ever seen.... but sadly there are quite a bit of holes in the story, although i don't think the author cares about that :)

Nice Job

That was sha-weet! I really like the whole series, it brought a new side of the swain, and it was funny and...i dont know how you say it, moralic? Blah! Anyway, it was cool and I especially like this part;

"...all i want is for you to SIGN. MY. VELOCIRAPTOR!"

nice job!

I Liked it

I Liked the whole series but the only thing i didn't like was that blockhead kinda wasn't himself in it. I mean I liked that he was in it and added humor but throughout the movies but he seemed to be more...You know...Smarter? If you make one of these kind of things again it would be fine the storyline and all that was great but just that blockhead wasn't the complete moron I laughed at in the other clips, it lacked the randomness it had in the blockhead movies...I mean yeah the Luck Dragon was really random but Blockhead seems more heroic then stupid. I liked the Movies though and if you make another it would be great. But don't lose the Stupid Blockhead kinda feel... Good Job :D