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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"

this rocked make more

This rocked i likr the randomness and the way blockhead seems to just save time or something wihtout knowing it wish he told his concioss just to see/hear his sounds af annoyance


that was good, it was funny and clever. but it wasn't really about Blockhead. it was more a movie with blockhead in it. watch the first ones first or this one wont make sense. it was funny and a good prologue (or Epilogue, i cant remember which) for the Blockhead series as it explains why Blockhead's so stupid. I wasn't sure wether to laugh or cry at the end bit.

That was epic.

this is not a review about the movie in general, but the series of time squad. this is epic, one of the best mini-series on newgrounds. not only is it entertaining, it makes you think. is there really an end to time? everything? existance? it's hard to think about that, because it seems impossible. the best part was blockhead, though. he actually saved the universe and everything! but then he forgets it and was blissfully unaware of it all! his lines were great also, my favorite is (time squad pt 2, in the forming of earth scene) "I HOPE WE MEET KEVIN COSTNER!!!" >_< bwahahahaha!!!! make more!


This series is your best Macromedia flash 8 movie,Miachel Swain.You are going to make a sequel,right?if so,when you need a childish voice,I'm your man.

Best movie ever...

I would PAY for this. If you ever need a sequel, remember that the curator is from blockhead's time, and blockhead obviously didn't know how to use his time thing so he obviously rode back with the curator lady. Either way, this is truly an epic movie that is superior to many real, published movies. I love this move so very much

The-Swain responds:

That time-clicker device somehow brought Blockhead directly to his house, so either one of two things must have happened: A) The destination was pre-programmed by the Time Cop, or B) The clicker takes you back to your time based on some kind of time signature unique to every person, and based on the moment they left their own time.

Like you said, it's doubtful Blockhead programmed it himself. I kinda intended the items to be a one-person, one-shot sort of deal, so Blockhead probably had to at least press the button himself.