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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"

Now what do I do?

Now that I've seen and played everything you've made, I don't know what to do. My life no longer has any meaning without blockhead. Pleeeeeese tell me youre making more blockhead vids!

The-Swain responds:

I promise I will, but first I will be releasing a rather small Time-Squad-related action flick. :)

lol! brillaint

that's so funny! i'm putting this in my links page on smackjeeves!


This... this was just ... amazing! I mean, I've known the Blockhead series for quite some time, it's among my favs on Newgrounds, but for some reason I've never ever watched Time Squad. Now I did, and with every passing second my jaw dropped further towards the floor.

It's so rare to actually see something with original characters that well developed and such a great storyline. And then it even had the humor and randomness we love about Blockhead and all of NG. The plot was very well written, had good ties (heck, even to the original blockhead series... that painting... god... that was good) and it was very well setup. The scenes were blending nicely and the timing was near perfect, the opening was great and you managed to keep the suspense up and rising to the end. All in all, there's more things I really liked about Time Squad than I can possibly remember now, just with every second I was more amazed at how professionally it was all set up and done.

Some other things: the sound effects and the music were top notch as well. The main theme was very fitting, resembling of Blockhead but diverse enough to make Time Squad stand apart as its own. The graphics, well, if there is a weak point in this movie, then it's the graphics. But I think you said yourself on some Blockhead reviews that you're still learning and all, and one most definetly sees a huge improvement from your first submitted flash to this here.
Also, I by no means mean to say it looked bad or wasn't done right. Heck, to pull this thing off alone must've been a ton of work. Just... yeah, room for improvement. But again, hooray for all original material.

Anyway, this was ever so awesome, very enjoyable and so damn professionally done. I'm gonna watch it again right after I add this to my favs.

The-Swain responds:

Give me a year and I'll hate my style in this cartoon :) But it was a necessary step, and making Time Squad taught me a LOT about animating and artistry, not the least of which is my limits!


You are the best animator on newgrounds, to do this movie almost single handly is amazing...you should take up a job in flash as a cartoon animator, maybe see if this series can get put on television...I have a feeling it would be extremly popular!

moo cow

yay this is even better tehn blockhead8! byebye