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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"

That was hilarious!!

How do you know all this?
-It's my job.

it was great but there wasnt enough blockhead

it was great and very funny , personaly i like your earlier videos . keep up the good work and remember dont make videos in a hurry just to prove yourself , have patience and better ideas will come to you :) good luck with future videos

Definitely Entertaining

Now I don't review movies often, usually only if I find that I can give some helpful advice to an author. But to you I say, "Keep on doing what you're doing". That was a pretty good and humorous twist on a tried and true story.


This totally rocked, i love the way he is so retarted that he manages to save evryone!!!! i also love the way he just like forgets everything!!!! its so KEWL!!!!

Oh.. my.. friggin.. gawd..

I cannot believe the unbelieveable awesomeness of this flash. This actually could be used on TV! It's long enough, good enough, has the right voices and has everything that could be perfected already perfect enough! This is without a doubt, the absolute best flash animation that I have EVER seen EVER!! It has an awesome plot, great quality, a reasonable amount of violence, very funny moments, nice animation, (I've seen flashes that can't get people to walk right) and sound so good that I always want to raise the speakers to the level of a boombox! I really hope that you make another Blockhead movie like this soon.