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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"

Nice work man.

Having blockhead's character juxtaposed by such a serious plot and set of supporting characters was possibly the best idea ever. Everything in this movie, all three parts, was genius. All those little movie moments that every corny action movie has, the time explanations, the sexy curator, everything was perfect.

Stylistically the only thing I didnt like was that the curator didnt kiss blockhead. What was that, where was my hollywood ending?? Still, wicked movie. Too good... I wonder how blockhead was in the mad scientists time...

End of Time, no signal, equals weird.

The End of Time was very weird, and no signal was creepy. You should do more time stuff, this one was cool.


Good movie such a shame blockhead will never remember. Bleh, how the hell did he live from 1776 to now? Got an idea to explain that one?


rofl, blockhead is such a simpleton. Hes got a memory of a goldfish lol
Liked the animation, and the drawings + voices. Can you really reach the end of time and existence? :P


OK, I stumbled on to your Flashes by accident but i liked what I saw, and learned that you had more. I watched everything you had in a night. Scary yeah? Well hears the thing, I had a friend kinda like Blockhead, did what ever came to mind, never really had any pains or anything like that in life. Well watching your stuff made me relize something, he's the happiest person I know, cause he doesn't worry about, well anything, but heres the kick, he was painfully smart, you knew what he was thinking, he KNEW that you knew. But he only lived for the next thought to the next and was happy, so in a way watching your stuff reminded me of him and made me happy. Kudos dude, hears hoping to see more.