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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"

Keep doing what you do best!!! Deserves a 5 !!!

I think this was subminoshiouse! No wait it was snidlfffflllp!!! No wait! I forgot...Hello! Whens the next oneeeee? XD

Ps. I just L-O-V-E Blockhead. I'm alot like him when I'm myself. I wish I could just be him all day. Yaaay. What? Me? Noooo!!! Your a weirdo! XD


the voce acting was somewhat off, and next time dont use the girl, it ruined the whole thing.
PS there wasn't much blockhead in this.


i uterly LOVE blockhead and tis movie is jsut the peak to it loving the good work :D


i think blockhead is alot more of an idiot he is a hero!!

and how did u do all that voice acting?


blockhead's stupidity saved the entire universe and time itself...i didnt think that was possible!