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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"

I love This.

After I watch this I almost cry. Because it makes me feel better.


this series is serious and silly at the same time wtf and lol!


i would have just shot the scientist when i saw him not alert him, 9 for not making any sense

Not bad

This has good graphics, but I don't get it. By brain hearts.

Before I watch this I just want to add:

MOST EPIC TEAM EVER!! Cant WAIT to see whathey.. are going.. to do ...next! :D

....THIS was made 2006 and I didnt SEE IT??? Someone has disturbed my time and space and what not cause **SPOILERWARNING**
EPIC!!/EPIC!! :D Blockhead said the most awesome thing ever in the end which completely describes his character (which was a bit unexpected cause he never says anything thoughtfull). His magic reply to "What are you doing?" was: "I don't know, and I'm alright with that!" YEAH!

I would actually love for this becoming an actual movie NO! it IS a great movie already (Hollywood, I'm you sorry, you were to late!)!)!)!)! ....Wait, I just got a dejavou O_O Seriously this is scary D:
I will comeback and watch this saga again some day ^^ (a bit (no, introducing EXTEME-to-lateness)) -Thank you!