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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"


he may be stupid, but hes now dumb :3

have you noticed...?

have you noticed that Blockhead is extremely damage-resistant? now i have seen him falling down stairs, being in several car accidents, eating metallic stuff and falling in lava... and i never saw any sign of injury!!! no broken teeth or wounds or anything. he doesn't even seem to age - he looks same as in 1764. is he indestructible or anything?


So does that mean Blockhead is not really an idiot? Now the whole concept of what he really is confuses me, he has been alive for so many years and... his Block headed concept now confuses me -____-

Very nice

All I could think of throughout all of this was the Scientist looked just like the Preacher/Scientist from the Segan Genesis game "The Chaos Engine"/"Soldiers of Fortune". What with things like Terminator and The Never Ending Story, I honestly cannot help but thing this is the case. After all some crazy things happened in that games storyline.