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Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 3]"

The absolute genius in this series. In Blockhead

It broke my heart when I tried to go to theswain.com and it was down

but newgrounds is like, "The Caretaker." This website built me. or rather, it contributed

and regardless of the infinite pain that mortality brings, God loves us all. Everything will always be 'about to change'

I believe in a better future and past for us. My life is my foe's debt. Rizq

The Swain deserves the world. I live in appreciation of creators. I hope I have a child some day, the people who made my life good outside of the absolute darkness

i would love to share their creations. I'm poor and stupid. I live to be Blockhead but i'm german and scandanavian so like, that's what they call us. Blockhead, squarehead whatever rock and roll

It was weird not to have Blockhead's conscience appear until the end. Then again, he was kind of already in the cartoon as that one guy. Have you ever seen the show "Time Squad"? Sorry, but I keep thinking of that when looking at this title. Blockhead seems a little smarter than usual. Well, less dumb.

Blockhead still steals the show. This seemed to be equal drama and comedy. I can appreciate that. I really did feel for these characters. I'm glad they were friends. The blonde guy kind of looks like He-Man.

A decade later and this is still the best thing on the interwebs

I love this movie because of how Blockhead already forgot that he saved the universe. Wouldn't Blockhead's conscious be able to stay with him if he's in his brain/head?

Love this movie
Blockhead is AWESOME