Reviews for "Misplaced Turnabout"

That was great

You did a really good job. expecially when it came to lipsynching the music. i thought it was funny, and original at best. I've never played the game but seeing this makes me want to. and for this to be one of your first flash movies, it wasn't bad. I think you have the talent to make excellent flashes the more your skills improve. keep it up man, i hope to see more from you.

Dily responds:

Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it, for I take every singe comment to heart.


I love the game, so maybe my vote will be a little more that the flash is worthy, but I think that this being your first flash is good. Maybe a little interaction of some sort could make it more enjoyable, like some choices during the play

Very nice

I think it was extremely good especially for your first flash movie. The movies i make are usually horrible. Great Job!!

Dily responds:

Thank you!

Ah..the days of my youth

That was actually pretty cool, I personally am a Phoenix Wright fan and sadly can relate to how stupid the judge is >_> Although I still wanna see Gourdo in the courtroom other than a flash, well Someday...Till then Nice job.

That was funny

The text went by a little too quickly, but it was still pretty funny to hear them all doing "Springtime for Hitler".