Reviews for "Misplaced Turnabout"


I love the game, so maybe my vote will be a little more that the flash is worthy, but I think that this being your first flash is good. Maybe a little interaction of some sort could make it more enjoyable, like some choices during the play

ok ok

I cant decide if i like it or not...there was alot of nothing and it was slow. I believe most people on NG have an attention span of 2 seconds, being this, something needs to happen to keep me and everyone interested. I did like the singing part, and for this being your first flash...way to go. You did a good job, i look forward to seeing more from you cuase i know you will get better and better. well hopefully

Good job

For a first, you did great.
Have faith in yourself, and your work!
Keep up the great work! I liked the style you did. Reminds me of the old school games...


it was pretty good
its not like most n00bs who enter shitty flashes
u actually tried and put some good effort into it

thats why i havent submitted a flash yet i have no patience for it

Not bad

Kinda reminds me of those older RPG Intros for some reason, with the person talking and the text on the bottom of the screen. Not bad.