Reviews for "Misplaced Turnabout"


LoG-Kun from CR here.

I just had to give this a 5 and rate it XD, It was wonderful!

New or not, I find this funny.

And I like that you used my music. Thank you so much for caring enough to download and use my stuff. Please, make more and help yourself to my shares of music. Just don't touch my character themes. Those are mine from now on.

Dily responds:

No, thank you for creating such a wonderful track!

well, yes you are new and it shows

which is why i have to judge accoringly, yes you are new, and i can understand that, but it really just seems lke everything was taken from the game. there wasnt much more to it than... ... ... ... and a few words here and there. music sounded like it was also from the game, and the speed of the flash was slow. i'm not a fan of th DS or the game this is tributing, along with it not being interesting enough for me, i wont give it as good a score

Dily responds:

Yes, *sigh*, it is very hard to shake off this aura of "n00bness". *makes a sad face* I've learned a lot about compression since making this, so my next 'toon definitely won't be as slow.

S'all right.

Not bad for the first time. You may want to look into sound compression though, no way that should've been over 4 meg.

Dily responds:

Yeah, I thought 4 megs was a bit large. I started the Flash knowing nothing, and when I read some tutorials about compression, I said, "CRAP! Why didn't I do that?!" I think the main problem was that there was WAY too many keyframes.


THe only thing I could reccomend is A BIGGER FORMAT.
I could barely even see the movie.

Dily responds:

Criticism taken to heart. Thank you.