Reviews for "Misplaced Turnabout"

Ah..the days of my youth

That was actually pretty cool, I personally am a Phoenix Wright fan and sadly can relate to how stupid the judge is >_> Although I still wanna see Gourdo in the courtroom other than a flash, well Someday...Till then Nice job.

Yays! This is great!

O_o. Kinda creepy, but I didn't expect that. This game pwning gave you an automatic 9 or more, but... wow. Make a sequal now.

O_o, for being strange.



I know for a fact that your lying! And I can PROVE IT!
You have great talent, the plot was pretty good. PW and Edgeworth as nazis, oh thats gold. You should make more, but make the screen a tad bigger and maybe get a HOLD IT or OBJECTION in there, those are the most memorable parts of the game.


The sprite quality is a bit bad (Not the animations, because the PW sprite limitations and all the stuff).But for be your first flash and the songs are cool, this movie is really good.

PWAA musical...

Man, that was genius. I hope there is actually more to what these characters have to do. Like for example, they escape from Broadway and try to induce revenge on the judge. lol. That was awesome. Make more, please!

I cannot wait for the second installment of this as well as the second installment of PWAA, coming in October! w00t!