Reviews for "Misplaced Turnabout"


that IS THE MOST FUNNIEST PARODY i ever saw and laughed at.


Any chance you're gonna make a sequel to this, following up the investigation into the conspiracy and such? I like the idea of a PW musical.
Text was a little hard to read though.

That was funny

The text went by a little too quickly, but it was still pretty funny to hear them all doing "Springtime for Hitler".

Very nice

This made me laugh, good work.

It Made me Smile

Anything that makes me smile automatically gets an approval. It also made me grin... and then it made me laugh. And you had silly puns and jokes lining the credits, so that made the experience even better.

It was cheeky fun. I'd recommend you keep at flash. Problems include pacing and lack of voice acting, which might actually be cheeky even if you couldn't get a flawless performance from everyone. I'll check other submissions to see what you're made of.

Dily responds:

Haha, your review is very kind. This was my very first flash. (Umm..submitted flash, I should say. My REAL first flash...well, the Pope, the President, and the Dalai Lama has asked me nicely not to speak of that again...) I look back now, and think of how little I knew...and how much I've learned. Like Movie Clips! I'll be damned! Who knew those could be useful?!?! Anyway, thank you again for your wonderfully helpful reviews. "The Big Fat Tutorial" (as I saw in your "Flash by ..." box. Made me say "Hooray!" when I saw it.) has been an extraordinary resource in my Flash endeavors.