Reviews for "Misplaced Turnabout"

Woo, singing Edgey!

Ha, that was so funny! I loved how you madde the text flow, alot like the game. I also liked the cat sound when it showed Edgey... Woo, love it!

music and story!

that make me smart and cute!


^that pretty much sums it up

Springtime for Hitler!!!

OMG, a "The Producers" reference!! I saw it two days ago at MK theatre, best musical ever.
Is there a sequal to this? I hope so, this was alot more unique than the PWs that are only sound bytes.


Hilarious! Oh, & to all the immature hot-heads, the song is from a movie about a braodway producer & ana ccountant trying to make a complete flop because of a discovery the accountant made. The accountant found out that a flop would actually make more money than a sucessful play would. Would have worked too, but just before showtime things got sour & they had to replace the lead actor. Because of this the play turned into a comedy & instead of being a complete outrage as intended it was a total sucess. Not saying anything the events following that, I've spoiled too much of "said" movie already. Point is, stop complaining about the song, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY! >.>"