Reviews for "H.Potter and the 5 trials"

I am in love with your flashes!

I loved this flash just as much as I loved many of your others. Excellent, I wish to see more HP flashes from you.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

thanks ^^

Hey, guess what?

I saw the the IMP flash with the script I wrote, needed the sound since I misplaced my headphones and I'm in college *shudders* but it was hilarious and I'm now red as a beetroot *this flash is funny too* thanks very much for doing this, I laughed my ass off, hope you'll submit it on NG! And to all you NG viewers out there, give a good shout out *despite u named me Sisi* in the flash but thats ok....hehheh....thanks anyway, you're the best.......god everyone's gonna laugh at me when I'm gonna be on a flash.....

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Sisi , yeah but.... Sassi... Sassi?! d'oh X____X

Well ok

that was soooo funny i liked the part when ginny made da evol eye oh annnnddd da the part with Charlie Chaplin (???:-()

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Chappy Charlin you mena, CHarlie Chaplin's evil twin.
ah, the silent black and white movies..

Those parts bothered me too...

Nice job on that submission.
Graphics- 10 because it's an interesting style of graphics
Style- 10 because you have a very unique style
Sound- like the last guy said, the sound was kind of off, but it was not too bad in my opinion
Violence- 7- not too violent overall, but the first one was violent, and the one with Dumbledor drinking the "green goob" when Harry was attacked by the inferi was sort of voilent.
Interactivity- 0 cos there's not much to do but watch... but don't see it as a bad point.
Humor- "Harry Cassanove Potter" was a nice name... and Ginny saying "what the bloody hell do you think you're doing" was so funny... I couldn't stop laughing after that one!
Overall- 10... very funny, good style of flash.
I must say that the "Cassanova" part in the book bothered me too... but why didn't you use the part where Harry and Ron walk in on Ginny and that other guy???

RogerregoRRoger responds:

because it's not their romance, or rather, just harry falling in love with ginny that bothered me, but that he cna just kiss, and act like nothing happens, never even checking if Ginny's alreight with it.


i zoomed in on the cup while harry was putting in water and it said "this is really a secret horcrux