Reviews for "H.Potter and the 5 trials"

really good

i liked it alot at the end but who was those 3 people that harry & dumbaldoor was with & when is the new shadow the hedgehog movie coming, are yougoing to make I.M.P episode 25 & if so could i join & i have a good idea for the 25th one like sonic vs icecream vs 7up.
Me, zody & h hog are watching a avert for 7up icecream which has a sonic prize in it & only one store has the 7up icecream in the world & they only have 298 boxes, which when me, zody & H hog have 99 boxes each & there one left & one huge fight goes on with me super speed, H hog with his fire powers & Zody with his ????? in the end i say why do you to what this they say for the 7up & icecream so i say for the sonic & so i take the sonic toy & zody &
h hog split the 7up icecream 50-50 & as the fight goes on john dies 10 times thin about it

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Shadow and imp are coming, and err.. the episode has a diffrent script.

Good Point

you made good points during the room of requirement and voldemort's cave trials, and why didn't they just pour the liquid out to get to the necklace thing? also, tht Banging-mr.-Dursley's-head-to-play-donkey-kong-music part had me laughing like crazy,

by the way, why have you no sonic adventure parody? and when is your shadow parody coming out?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

I have no funny ideas for sonic adventure, it's my favorite sonic game, so makes me kinda blind for flaws. After all, it has the most solid sonic story from all games.

Shadow, well hopefully some time in summer O_o;

^^ XD lmao!!!

I love this SO much! Your voice acting is awesome! I love this! I agree that there are SO many ways that they could have gotten past the obstacles that they DIDN'T do! I love your animations!!!!!!

lol funny and true

I think instead of harry even creating the D.A office he should have made some weapon to kill voldemort so true. hahaha i think it was a great flash. XD lol

i like ur style

my fave part was the end with he bpongo head