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Reviews for "H.Potter and the 5 trials"

rofl orchestra version of donky kong

lol ur really good at randumbness (ur own word but still... ur good at it)


Heh, I loved this, and I liked how you explored some of the 'behind-the-scenes' moments as well as poked fun at some things... But the Goblet, I must correct you on. It was conjured by Dumbledore himself, not left there by Voldemort. Other than that fact, definitelly good job.

lol funny and true

I think instead of harry even creating the D.A office he should have made some weapon to kill voldemort so true. hahaha i think it was a great flash. XD lol


I always did wonder why dint harry just pit the water directly in to the Profersers mouth than geting water from the corps infted lake or what happened when luna, genny, and nevel brookaway fron the I squad. A also liked the end with Pro. D With the glass boping vernon with the glass. The clothing was prety bad though but it was funny

^^ XD lmao!!!

I love this SO much! Your voice acting is awesome! I love this! I agree that there are SO many ways that they could have gotten past the obstacles that they DIDN'T do! I love your animations!!!!!!