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Reviews for "H.Potter and the 5 trials"

those guys are totaly NUTS

loved it , great stuff...

dumbledore's song on the end is awesome!


iv'e been looking for this lol again work on the IMP halloween part2 lol


Gimlifan57 was right! Harry coulda just magicked the water into Dumbledore's pie hole! And why didn't Ginny beat Harry up when he kissed her?! The book said he did that for a long time! I'm pretty sure Vernon Dursley's head makes that hollow sound when ya hit 'im there. Awesome cartoon, man!

This is so true

This is an excellent and true flash. Scene 1 is true, as the book told us next to nothing about how they escaped the squad. Scene 2 is true and shows how retarded some of the characters are. Scene 3, because none of that helped harry. Scene 4, in real life, a girl would slap you if you did that. Scene 5 shows the true stupidity of Harry and Dumbledore, because Dumbledore, as you said, did just start drinking it without trying other things,and because Harry, when I read that I kept saying in my head, "Just magic it into his mouth!" Once again, so true and great.


Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling, aka Joanne Kathleen Rowling, not WB. I loved it even tho it made fun of HP WHEEEEEE!