Reviews for "Unbeetable!"

IT was

kinda of hard intill you get the hang out if than it's ok.. just keep shooting!

Nothing good

The good thing: ton of bees to kill shooting like an idiot is fun.

The bad: Shoot a bee hive that has a propeller? poinltess controls, very repetive, nothing special but a bee hive boss with annoying music.

This game is also too short and it wont enjoyable and it will be beetable like it is, it's nothing unbeetable bout it, its a pointless game to play, i advise creating more levels of different hives and bees and score points like other shooters, look at project monochrome for example instead of score turning into digits, it's converted into dollars.



it was pretty addicting to try to bet it because the description said it was unbeetable (ha ha unBEEtable) but i beat it and i told that guy who is boss


It is pretty simple, just shoot the propellor. Also, it is repetitive, so don't think it is an addicting game.

seriously too easy

make it harder and maybe healthninstead of just barely tapping the enemy and u go BOOM