Reviews for "Unbeetable!"


I'm not really sure what happened, but after the second wave of bees came the hive just stopped. It didn't move around, release more killer bees or anything. It's happened maybe 3 or 4 times now. Well at least it was easy to beat lol...


It took 14 times, (?) but I did it!


is it wrong that I beat it on my first try?
(note: I'm the psychotic gamer that beat Alien Hominid HD on hard and beat the boss without using a continue... and I beat contra without the Konami code but I don't have an achievement to show for that)

won 3 times!

i did lose billions of times but at least i won three times
i hope everyone tried their best

prout of all of u who tried!

:) :)

fun game bythe way

hope this helps for ppl who cant complete it

really really hard though one way to beat it is dto destroy half of its hp after u burst the balloon ,just rapidfire and see where he comes out from(right above the balck banner with the warning thing) also, dont try to dodge the bees! they follow you and explode. after destroying the bees, the hive will attack,bottom of screen for the 1st 2 times and top for 3rd(by that time you should already have killed it so gratz) hope that helps