Reviews for "Let's get trendy!"


the most fuquing thing i've ever seen hands down

Great collaboration! :O

~The Pros~

This flash was totally random, and I would have complained about the lack of plot, but I read the info and I will hold myself back. The graphics were really well done, and the change between artists was really noticible, but they were all done really well. Teh backgrounds to some of the scenes was done well. The song was really catchy and never really got dull. Also, there was no static or glitches and that was good.

~The Cons~

The graphics were done really well, and in some parts, the animation was worse than others. Also, if it was supposed to be a collab, and names under each change of scene would be more appropriate. But besides that, there wasn't anything else that I picked up.

Overall, a hilarious colaboration that definitley deserves the Daily Feature. I hope you benefit from this review! XD

5 out of 5

ReporterClock responds:

thank you very much ^-^ We didnt add our names under our parts because I knmow that eprsonally I find it really annoying seeing that in collabs, it's distracting. but we did small parts int he animation that showed stuff eacha rtist drew over the duration of the animation, to give people an idea of who drew what




it was really good
it shows that plots are overrated
screw plots and their twists

where would this world be without random humor

that was great. reel big fish rules, and down right hilarious. thanks for that