Reviews for "Let's get trendy!"


Yes,this is Reel Big Fish......Reel Big Fish are Third-Ska a Jamacian type of music with some British infulence ^_^ How that helped,very good animation...Pulled of superbly i <3 it :D


whered you get that song? is it reel big fish?could you get back to me on this..

ReporterClock responds:

we downlaoded it, and its by reel big fish

Like reel big fish, like this animation

This movie ROCKS! fufills two of my basic needs: good music and random animations... you two RICK \m/


I love Reel Big Fish, and this song is one of my favorites of theirs. You guys did really good keeping the song together, even though you most likely cut it up for the collab. Very good drawings on both of your parts.


ReporterClock responds:

no, we didnt cut it up,a ctually,, but thanks :)


yay! now I wanna B trendy!!!!!!