Reviews for "Let's get trendy!"

five 10's

this flash gets 5 tens


I feel inferior to your superiority D:

ReporterClock responds:

Danke :D

Great flash, but give me a damn break

Nice animation, it was funny, and I liked the song.


Some of the reviewers are fucking retarded. This could not have ripped off "Trendy!" because it was released over half a year before trendy was. I like both, and Trendy! did not rip this one off, either.

Are the reviewers braindead?

I kinda liked it and i don't think it looks anything like the "Trendy!"
flash lolz except for maybe the audio...
Quit complaining or set yourself on fire this wouldof been blammed if it wouldof been ripped from someone else btw...but its not so don't go like
" OMFGH U STEL DIS !!!1one "


is this a rip-off of Trendy! or had Trendy! ripped this?

ReporterClock responds:

this is the original