Reviews for "Let's get trendy!"

Better tah

Its better than B

Great job

One of the better random animations i think i have ever seen. Theres a lot of really good animation and good graphics. It fits with the song really well. Great job guys.

Small world isnt it?

....well that was random.......I LOVED IT!!!!! WERE ALL RANDOM!!! IT....well..describes me!!! Because us and many other people ARE FRIKIN RANDOM!!!!!!!!W00T RANDOMNESS!!!!!!!fhsdthcfghasf gfvbcxfnjdfbvhasfhujyufgFISH!!

A Great Random Flash Music Video

I love these kind of things. A collab with music and randomness. This has Lazyboy adn Psycho Graphic MAYHEM! I love it!

Smoof Gives this Flash a 10 out of 10.

ReporterClock responds:

Thanks :D cool screename


Kwl Very Cool
How DO You (Neo_Tomi YES YOUR NEOPETS NAME) + That Other Guy
Make Such Cool Flashes

ReporterClock:Make Longer Series eg. Continue At Your Service,Hebrew Gym-something


ReporterClock responds:

Well I already explained why im not continuing the hebrew gymnasia, aand "At Your Service" has been demoted back to a comic strip which can be found on my DA page