Reviews for "Let's get trendy!"

wow...just wow

omg that was da shizznet dawg!!

plus i cant believe ukilled dexter man!!!

ReporterClock responds:

I didn't, I just MSN'd him

I love this flash

i love reel big fish too.

This really deserves a 5.

It may have been nonsensical, but it was well put together and went with the music. I like the style, keep up the good work.

That was REALLy REALLy cool!

That's on of the coolest animations I've seen in a while! My favorite part is towards the end with the old woman and the O-L-D bling. I didn't care too much for the one frame subliminal messages... I all of a sudden have the urge to Kill Abraham Lincoln...

ReporterClock responds:

thanks ^-^ and zoggonit, it was supposed to be Hoover.

hated it

and sorry i didnt mean 2 give u a 1 for violence i click it wrong

ReporterClock responds:

Bite me. Do I taste good?