Reviews for "Let's get trendy!"

Thank You

This has to be one of my most favourite things on NG. unfortunately, the Klay World series has bested you, but no matter. i watch this at least twice a week. what do you care. all my 5 r blong to this

It's not so bad being trendy

Great job! This has to be my favorite Reel Big Fish music vid on NG....definately the funniest. Top of my favs for you, keep up the amazing work.

ReporterClock responds:

thank you!

the only thing to do.......

that was so god dam cool
if i was gonna die the only thing to do would be to get the bigest god dam tv/computer screen (plasma ofcourse) and the biggest and best speakers in the world get this music vid up and play it in the bussiest place in the world and make it as load as i posably can and let it play and play until ................ i dont know when it should stop its that good i love it.

good ojb^.^ (is that how u spell bussiest and posably?.....)


i thought that was hilarious especioully when the fat chick took forever to go down the slide and the quick sandbox

Best collab ever!

Surprisingly, I didn't know you guys could both come up with such outstanding and interesting work. Everything was on sync and timed right. Everything fit. The animation was almost perfect. What went wrong there? Just the end. D: The only thing you needed to add was a stop(); command at the last frame with the credits. But nonetheless, excellent. :D