Reviews for "Let's get trendy!"

i luuurrrvvveee real big fish

you know wat i did yesterday i watched this flash again and i baught our live album is better than your live album because it had this song on it

by the album its very good SELL OUT is on it

p.s great flash you got me hooked on reel big fish and i say thanks alot


wha the hell? weirrrrrrd.

Very random

This is by far the randomest and craziest thing I have ever seen on NG. But randomness is very good.

oooooooh no

that song's from Reel Big Fish....i used to listen to that until i noticed that the original singer left the band...but this was still good . funny too


This kicks ass. That vid menatal as it is... is wicked honestly i love the randomness and the anvils killing peeps... DOOOOOOOOD!!!