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Reviews for "Tattoo Artist"

Yay for Kenney!

Its Kim and i saw it when it was released! yahhh! i voted 5! This game is great! Ill see ya at the forums!

Kenney responds:

Hurrah! Thanks Kim! It's released on ArmorStudios as well but heck, nobody cares XD


i liked it, but it was a lil hard cuz it was kinda small, maybe u can make it closer and give a lil more time, cuz i suck and shit so :D yea


I found a neat little easter egg, hold down the mouse button, for like, 3 seconds, then he bleeds. nothing much of an easter egg but pretty funny none the less

gud job

dude 1 review under me....i think ur completely stupid 0=) i mean if he didnt put a 10 second thing the game be alot 2 easy
gud jobdude wit the game pretty original cept the difficulty curve was too big around the 35th tatoo up but wtf it was fun =D


I know theres some inaccurate stuff but i love this game!

Totally hooked!(: