Reviews for "Tumbler"

Good job, new concept

This is a great game, and a fresh new idea. Good job.


Very enjoyable and addicting...
Also, it was somewhat difficult witch added to the fun!
If ever you make a second one, please make more power-ups and stuff!!!

WOOT...made it onto the HSBoard

Yep...On the highscore board...Look for Will!!

Great game BTW...only problem is that it needs MORE MORE MORE POWERUPS!!

excellent game concept

i liked the everything about the walls, moving walls, laser gates, enemies, power ups. some things to consider: -the music was appropriate but might get annoying. -the invincible power up should make u glow so that u can know when ur invincible and when ur not. i liked the challenge of the power downs tho, haah made me be more careful

Best game I'played for a while

Few things that have allready been said to make it better.
The Out of bounds, lose a life, not gameover.

A pause button? If it was there i didnt see it.

Maybe a few extra powerups and difficulty progression

Spining elements great, good work!