Reviews for "Tumbler"


never saw anything like it u have the makings a true flash artist

Simple idea, great game.

I like how this game took such a simple idea, and turned it into a beautifuly executed game. I would have liked to see some more power-ups and perhaps some explosions.

more flashing

nice game, smooth graphics, slighlty confusing yet simple gameplay and highly addictive...i love it! only 2 things i didnt like. 1. the glitch mentioned earlier how if u move fast enough you go through wall (try fixin it)
2. not enough flashy lights! maybe you could add a rave mode or sumthin like that with flashing lights and blinking colors to confuse and cause seizures :D

all in all, great game!

good game, but kinda anoying

I found this game fun to play, but after a while the music becomes anoying and the game repetitive. Overall it was good!

I found a glitch :D

If you move your mouse really fast.. you can go through a wall without losing a life :D.

Cool game
Cool music
Make another... You should :D.