Reviews for "Tumbler"


man thats shits kool do sume more lol

not bad

i thought it was pretty fun..but this game reminds me too much of another game i played on here not too long ago i forget the name though..but not too bad and pretty addicting

Great game

Things that could make it better:

If you turn off music on the main menu, that selection doesn't carry over to the game and there's no way to turn it off. Gotta fix that.

Add more gameplay types. Like these:
Ironman - Don't die
Catch 'em All - Hit every green dot or your life is over
Speed - Constantly sped up
Race to 100 - Get to 100 lives as quickly as possible.

And then different sets of high scores for each one.

I'm DiMono on your scores, by the way.


Well... it was alright i suppose, graphics and sound was good i liked it ok, maybe if there were not so many things to kill you, but all in all it was good


First of all, touching the walls = instant game over is total BS.

Now that that's out of the way, this is an alright game. Can have a tad too many obstacles at times, but the powerups help with that.