Reviews for "Tumbler"


i like the simplicity of it! but somtimes there are walls of spikey things and imposable to get through. once i played without getting one power up.WTF!! the sound gets annoying to. but its addicting!!

A Neat Twist on an Old Concept

This is a neat game--another of the many where you avoid obstacles with your mouse cursor. In this incarnation, you control a black ball that must dodge spiked red balls, walls, moving walls, intermittant laser walls, unhelpful red powerups, and the edge of the game area, all while collecting green balls worth points, helpful green powerups, and extra lives. The interesting twist that keeps you paying attention to what you're doing is your screen. Throughout the game, the screen rotates, such that the direction where new obstacles and collectables fly onto the screen is continuously moving.

The largest downside to the game is its randomness. You may play it once, and get your ball quickly trapped into multiple deaths, then play it a second time and collect 27 extra lives in rapid succession, followed by a series of invincibility powerups that never seem to stop coming. The game continues until 1) you quit, 2) you lose all of your lives, which can take awhile if you're any good at this, or 3) you run your ball off the edge of the game area, which ends the game instantly, no matter how many lives you have. The graphics aren't much to look at, and the repeating musical track gets annoying after more than a few minutes, but this is a great little game to pass the time for awhile, and could even be the start to a slightly more in-depth game with levels, set goals per level, and increasing speed/obstacle frequency as the game progresses.

This game is harder than sex

But I still loved it. It's a good concept

Its kinda hard, but cool

i liked it, there were a couple of times that i hit the outside wall even before the screen completely came up. but it is an awesome game, ive been playing for about a half hour so far. good job!


really cool game! although i think it could be improved perhaps more power-ups and obstacles?Still a great game without them though