Reviews for "Tumbler"

meh pretty good

speakers werent workin so i gave 5 sound jus to be fair

i found a glitch that you might want to sort out if you get a powerdown when you have the invincible powerup you will still be invincible untill the timer runs down so you can keep collecting powerdowns remaining invincible, if you get that high scoreboard people might use this toi their advantage

Waldo-of-Fuzion responds:

Hey, thanks for your review. I'm aware that powerups and powerdowns can be combined. I left that in there intentionally. I thought it would be a nice twist to the gameplay if players could run with more than one power at a time.


This game is difficult!!
This game made me fun!!
Thank you fun time!

very very!!



Very dificult!!!
I hate it...
A way is small!!
I am annoyed.
I do not do it anymore.


It was very fun.I enjied it.
But I coud not finish.
It is hard to me.