Reviews for "Tumbler"


were the happenings randomly generated or part of a premade level? it was a good challenge, only figured out i was meant to pick up the green thingies halfway in lol. Didn't have any parts where it was completely impossible not to hit something, which was a bonus. Good for burning a few minutes :)

Waldo-of-Fuzion responds:

Yup. It is all completely random, although there are certain rules to prevent impossible situations like you said.


pretty repetitive

kinda boring

it seems like just another mouse avoider to me. You should porbably work on the graphics, it wouldn't hurt to make more than one level so it gets harder as well.


Is there only the one level? If so, then you should maybe include new levels so that it doesn't get repetitive and boring, as it does at the minute. If there is more than one level, then it's far too difficult for me to reach it! I understand that it may be a one level 'try to get as many points as you can' objective but maybe even changing the colours and music over time would increase it's addictivness, because I just got bored after a while.


fun for the 1st 2 mins not 4 everyone got bored after the 2 mins really bored