Reviews for "Tumbler"


i think its not so good. the spinning screen is annoying
and its way to diffycult.

And if you get a powerup, you cant see when it stops.
with invincible thats really stupid.

I like it simple yet with a twist

I really like this game. I think the graphics are a bit rough around the edges still but I really think it is good.

I was wondering if you would mind if I hosted it on my website?


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO after 16 minutes I accidently moved out of the blue box. I wasn't even allowed to submit my score :(

But it is a really fun game, well done


I didn't like the game too much, but i loved the concept.

Good, unique idea

It's too easy though, you get lives WAY too often (at least for a game that ends only when your out of lives), a life gain should be given very very rarely, and only if the player has none left.

The powerups also last too long (like invincibility should last 3 or 4 seconds max, and maybe let you destroy walls with your ball while your invincable), and there should be a bar for each powerup when you get multiples, so you know when one runs out, right now the new bar just overlaps the old bar so you don't know when the first one ends.