Reviews for "Tumbler"


Very nice game, but please make it change rotational direction once in a while, it made me a little dizzy after a while


the game was quite good. had to collect powerdowns on purpose to make it more intresting! a bit repetitive but good gameplay and concept!

Good game, but it has room for improvement

This was a really cool game, but it seemed too easy. You should have a difficulty setting.

excellent game concept

i liked the everything about the walls, moving walls, laser gates, enemies, power ups. some things to consider: -the music was appropriate but might get annoying. -the invincible power up should make u glow so that u can know when ur invincible and when ur not. i liked the challenge of the power downs tho, haah made me be more careful

I like it

The game was fun, but it had 2 problems.

1. The music was repetitve, add a few more trance tracks to it.

2. When you get hit, the screen flashes and blinds you..