Reviews for "Tumbler"

It was pretty good

this game is pretty addicting , fun, and nerve racking. I had one huge problem that always hapened to me when I was on a winning streak! it's if you go off the sides you instantly loose. no matter how many lives you have you loose which just aggrivated me >.< that's the only problem I had but still get a 5 cause it was still a great game.

Awesome game!

That says it all really.

this game pnwns

i looovvveee theis game

One problem...

I think it's very stupid that if your ball goes off the playing field, you have to try again or go to the menu. Sort of destroys the purpose of having lives if you're good enough when you come to worry about going out of bounds more than crashing into walls or whatever.

Oh, and I've found more lives than power-ups -_-


I second the guy that said make it change directions...or stop spinning on occasion...I just found out that spinning images with flashes make my head hurt a little bit